Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Knowalot?

Knowalot is available from Oak&Acorn as well as at Hamleys, in-store and online.

Who are Oak&Acorn?

Oak & Acorn are a toy and game manufacturer. We started in the summer of 2005 and Knowalot is our first product.

How do you play Knowalot?

You read out the subject on the card. Everyone then bids on how many they think they'll get right out of five possible answers. A question on your favourite film, bid five. If you get all five right, you win a brain, five brains and you've won!

You can also read the full rules as a pdf here

How much does Knowalot cost?

Knowalot retails for £ 29.99.

Who can play Knowalot?

Anyone over 15 can play Knowalot, it's an ideal family game. All of the questions are based on subjects we all know a little bit about, so everyone can join in.

How many people can play Knowalot?

2 to 16 players can play at once and Knowalot is suitable for individual or team play.

How long does it take to play?

An average game takes about an hour to play.

Do you have any other products in development?

Yes we do, look out for news of our forthcoming toys and games from January 2007.

Is Knowalot available in other languages?

Not at present, although we are working on further editions for next year.