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How do you play Knowalot?

You read out the subject on the card. Everyone then bids on how many they think they'll get right out of five possible answers. A question on your favourite film, bid five. If you get all five right, you win a brain, five brains and you've won!

Knowalot board game, fun new trivia game

Knowalot is an exciting, fun, new trivia game where the subject could be anything from the Spice Girls to the Space Race. Each question card has a short summary of a well-known subject but with key words and phrases missing. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.


4 Playing boards, 20 brains, 4 counters, 400 Knowalot question cards, 1 card wallet, 1 timer, Rules of the game.

Manufacturer reserves the right to change components and colours.